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Comment on a planning application

Planning ( Last updated - June 2011

About this form

If you do not know the planning application number, first find the application you want to comment on.

Once you find it, a link to comment on it is at the top of the page.

Comments must be no longer than 500 words. If your comment needs to be longer than 500 words, email

Your views will be considered at the same time as the application and will be open to public inspection.

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Your views should concentrate on 'planning' issues such as; the planning history of the site, the visual impact of the development, affect on public amenity, access, traffic and highway considerations or the impact on listed buildings, conservation areas, or protected trees. Matters that cannot be taken into account include; effect on property values, the character or identity of the applicant, boundary or property disputes, how the application affects a view (as opposed to the wider affect on public amenity) or issues of commercial competition.