That people living in North Kirklees are less likely to attend arts and cultural events.

The council has applied for national funding from the Arts Council to invest in more arts and creative events in North Kirklees.

‘Staying Safe’ is an important issue to Children and Young People and they told us that they wanted to raise awareness by holding information giving events.

The Council, in partnership with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, hosted steering groups and face-to-face reports with young people. These sessions helped to develop the Young People’s Road Safety Champions and promoted the reporting of crimes through ‘crimestoppers’.

People in different neighbourhoods in Kirklees have contrasting perceptions about levels of crime and anti-social behaviour and how safe they feel when outside in their local area.

Perceptions of crime information is used alongside the police’s actual crime data to target local safety and re-assurance campaigns in neighbourhoods across Kirklees.

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Activity between July 2015 and December 2015
Let's Talk Dewsbury Hospital
Dewsbury Based Womens Group Health Projects
Healthy living pilot project
National Highways & Transport Public Satisfaction Survey
Care Act Social Marketing Campaign
Heckmondwike Community First
Review of licensing conditions for Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Drivers in Kirklees
Better in Kirklees (BIK)
Get Fit with Batley Bulldogs
Safer Communities Fund
Event Training
Community Conversation Final Report
Adult Hearing Services
Be part of the Kirklees e-panel!
BAME Communities and their access to end of life care services
Fee increase for Hackney Carriage & Private Hire trade
Give your views to help transform primary care in North Kirklees
'A taste of Ireland' event connecting Irish women with other women of different cultures
Our Voice
Proposed diversion of public footpath Meltham 22 (part) at High Brow Farm, Helme

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Our framework for involving communities

We believe involving communities is fundamental for shaping effective services and supporting positive outcomes. The aim of this framework is to set out our common partnership approach to involving communities in Kirklees.


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