That people living in North Kirklees are less likely to attend arts and cultural events.

The council has applied for national funding from the Arts Council to invest in more arts and creative events in North Kirklees.

A group of young people that help to look after someone at home, told us that carrying a Young Carers Card would help them at school when they were having problems.

The Young Carers Card scheme is now under way in Kirklees, and following a successful presentation to the Youth Parliament, similar campaigns have begun in North Yorkshire and Sheffield!

From a survey into area perceptions it was evident that residents of Dewsbury had low confidence in their area and a fear of crime. Residents wanted to see more action taken by the Police, the Council and partner organisations to improve the areas highlighted by their concerns.

West Yorkshire Police (WYP), Kirklees Council and partnership organisations (METRO, Lifeline, KNH and others) carried out a focused operation of planned interventions to tackle concerns including antisocial behaviour, pollution, drug abuse etc. It has been reported that the intervention work has improved the confidence and satisfaction felt by local residents. WYP and the partnership organisations now have in place sustainable solutions to tackle the issues of concern in the Dewsbury Area.

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Activity between November 2014 and April 2015
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PEARLS - Health Behaviours Insight Summary 2014
Outpatient experience
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Our Voice
Better in Kirklees (BIK)
Colne Valley Greenway project
Other side of the line
West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner's Youth Advisory Group
Real Life Reform

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Our framework for involving communities

We believe involving communities is fundamental for shaping effective services and supporting positive outcomes. The aim of this framework is to set out our common partnership approach to involving communities in Kirklees.


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