That local people do not feel well informed about what to do in the event of a large-scale emergency.

The council is working hard to raise awareness and communicate to local people what to do in the event of a large-scale emergency such as flooding such as posting alerts and advice on our website homepage.

That people living in North Kirklees are less likely to attend arts and cultural events.

The council has applied for national funding from the Arts Council to invest in more arts and creative events in North Kirklees.

A group of young people that help to look after someone at home, told us that carrying a Young Carers Card would help them at school when they were having problems.

The Young Carers Card scheme is now under way in Kirklees, and following a successful presentation to the Youth Parliament, similar campaigns have begun in North Yorkshire and Sheffield!

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Involve is a tool to help Kirklees Council and local public services, such as NHS Kirklees, to plan and share community involvement work - like public events, surveys and consultation.

You can use it to find past, present and future involvement across Kirklees. Involve will tell you what's happened since the work has taken place as well, so you can see what difference getting involved has made.

You can use the calendar below to see what's happening, including things you can get involved in yourself.

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Activity between April 2015 and September 2015
Proposed diversion of public footpath Huddersfield 194 (part)
Well into Words Bibliotherapy Service
Smoking Prevention
Kirklees Library and Information Centres Consultation
Care Act Social Marketing Campaign
Young Parents Journey
Its Up To You Earlsheaton and Chickenely
Its Up to You Beckett Nook
A consultation about primary pupil places in Huddersfield South West
Public consultation: Returning Home to School Transport to Statutory Provision
Better in Kirklees (BIK)
Safer Communities Fund
Be part of the Kirklees e-panel!
Our Voice: Young People's Wellbeing and Reslience
'A taste of Ireland' event connecting Irish women with other women of different cultures 
Non Statutory consultation on:Proposal to change the upper age range of Ravenshall School from 16 to 19 years
Our Voice
Other side of the line
Kirklees Young People's Survey 2014

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Our framework for involving communities

We believe involving communities is fundamental for shaping effective services and supporting positive outcomes. The aim of this framework is to set out our common partnership approach to involving communities in Kirklees.


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