Ravensthorpe Cohesion through Archaeology Project

What we're doing

We are looking at innovative and exciting ways of developing community cohesion in communities. This project is about using archaeology as a means of bringing people from diverse backgrounds together, breaking down barriers through interaction and developing relationships.

When we're doing it?

Between 01-Jan-2012 and 30-Jun-2012

We will be

  • Giving out/sharing information


  • Education and learning

Where's it happening?

In the Dewsbury West ward

More information on what we're doing

Working with community members and partners such as schools to carry out excavation work in the Ravensthorpe area. We are using drama, physical activities and health and well-being and awareness raising activities to make the initiative more meaningful and relevant to the participants.

What happened?

This will be updated at the end of the project

What difference did the work make?

This will be updated at the end of the project

Methods of involvement

MethodHowHow many peopleStartEnd
Face to faceEngagement through workshops120001-01-201230-06-2012

Contact details

Summiya Mitha
01484 221000

Documents and links

- None available

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