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Kirklees budget proposals

Budget proposals to be considered by Kirklees councillors are now available to be seen by members of the public.

Kirklees Council

Kirklees Council logo

Proposals for all four directorates – covering children and young people, wellbeing and communities including adult social care, place including streetscene, housing and regeneration, and resources covering libraries and benefits services – are available in detail.

Councillors have been considering the proposals as the basis of their own plans, which will be debated at the budget setting council meeting on Wednesday 22 February.

Publishing the full set of papers – which include a summary of the impacts of the proposals on the service as well as on equalities – is a further step this year in engaging local people in the budget setting process.

There have been formal and informal consultations with local people, business, the voluntary and community sectors, and there is still opportunity to contribute before decisions are taken next month.

Chief Executive Adrian Lythgo said: “Some of the plans are already well known, while others have not yet been made public. As a council, we are on schedule to make around £27 million in savings under our Innovation and Efficiency savings, but we have been clear from the start that all local government is facing its most challenging financial circumstances in living memory.

“We need to reduce our overall budget by £64 million, and it is vital that local people understand the impact that savings on this scale will mean for Kirklees. There are other front line service proposals where new approaches are designed to do more with less, which can make substantial savings, but there are also inevitable service cuts which will have an impact on local people. These are explained in the directorate overviews, but we would still like people to comment further.”

The whole set of proposals – including overviews of the council spending and the approach of each directorate – is available on the council website