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Pay By Phone service gets underway in Kirklees

The new cashless parking payment system started in Kirklees on April 1.

Pay By Phone

Pay By Phone

The new service gives customers the opportunity to pay parking charges for council-run on and off-street parking throughout the district via their mobile phones in over 5000 car parking spaces located throughout Dewsbury, Holmfirth and Huddersfield. The existing pay-and-display arrangements can still be used.

All details of the new service, together with instructions, are provided on the existing pay and display machines.

Payment by phone will mean that customers no longer have to carry change when paying for parking. More importantly customers will be able extend their parking time without the need to return to their vehicle (although maximum stay times will still exist for some parking areas). Payments made using the PayByPhone service immediately appear on the handheld computers used by parking enforcement officers.

Customers can register when they first use the service at the car park or on-street parking area, or they can pre-register at

Payments and statements can be monitored easily and securely on the PayByPhone website.
Customers can also use mobile apps, mobile internet, request reminder texts and even send texts to start their parking session.

ema1510 (3 Apr 2012): 3 years ago
Brilliant idea, although registered on paybyphone website, looked for Kirklees and not showing as a town where this is available yet???!!

WebAdmin (10 Apr 2012): 3 years ago

We've received this update from our Streetscene service:

The info will be on the system by Tuesday 10th April. Pay by Phone are sorry for the delay, but it does not stop anybody using or registering. All the location codes are available on our web site at: - select either Dewsbury, Holmfirth or Huddersfield, tick the 'Carparks where you can pay for parking using paybyphone' box, and select 'Find parking'. You'll find the location number for each car park next to the Pay by Phone logo.

We hope this helps, and we're sorry for the delay.