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Household glass collections to end

Kirklees Council cabinet members have agreed to end household glass collections from the end of March.

The move is part of a package of proposals designed to deliver budget savings of up to £468,000 by 2014.
But Cabinet members have made it easier for Kirklees residents to recycle more glass themselves, by introducing more community glass recycling sites across the district.

Deputy Leader of Kirklees Council, Cllr David Sheard, said: “From April next year, we will be encouraging Kirklees residents to do more glass recycling for themselves, and in order to do so, we recognise that we must improve the existing network of community glass recycling bins available.

“Currently, there are 120 glass recycling facilities across the district, putting 84% of residents within 1km of their nearest site. We will introduce more facilities over the coming months so that by the time household collections end, 95% of residents will be within 1km of a site –in fact for 60% of residents, their nearest bin will be just 500m away.

“Any decision to cease a service our residents have come to expect is regrettable, but difficult economic times, mean difficult choices.

“While we’re reluctant to take this option, we are keen to offer a reasonable alternative for residents, and conclude that providing more community recycling facilities is a necessary yet reasonable compromise.”

Householders who currently benefit from the service will be contacted in February, and all residents will be sent information about the extended network of community glass recycling facilities available from 1st April.

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