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Council tax increase agreed in new Kirklees budget

Kirklees councillors have agreed the budget for the next 12 months, meaning a council tax increase of 2.5%.

Kirklees Council

Kirklees Council logo

Council leader Mehboob Khan proposed the increase of 1.7% for the council’s part of the bill to protect services during “the most difficult financial settlement in a generation”.

The rest of the increase is made up of precepts for the police and fire service.

Cllr Khan said: “Local government has taken by far the largest percentage reduction of any part of the public sector. As school funding has been relatively protected the potential cuts facing the rest of the Council are significant and painful.

“Our objective remains to deliver the outcomes and services that are important locally within a financial plan that is sustainable for the long term, as well as continuing to invest in wealth and job creation and in our young people.”

He added: “We have had success in high priority ambitions like attracting private sector jobs to the area, but this budget does not achieve sustainability, even with the difficult cuts it contains. It uses £3m of reserves next year and £10m a year for the following two years to smooth the transition to a Council with an even lower funding base.

“We’ve already significantly reduced our management and back office costs and will continue to do this - our programme has saved £17.2 million so far. There are painful cuts in this year’s budget, but more fundamental changes and cuts will be necessary in the future. That’s why the Council will need to have a more wide ranging conversation with people in Kirklees about the future over the coming months

“In this budget we set out to focus on the economy and jobs, on looking after vulnerable children and adults and sustaining services people rely on as best we can. But I urge everyone who cares to join in the public debate that will be needed as our reserves can only be used once.”

The budget agreement means the council tax will be set at the following amounts in areas not served by a parish council.

Band A £957.22
Band B £1,116.75
Band C £1,276.29
Band D £1,435.82
Band E £1,754.89
Band F £2,073.97
Band G £2,393.04
Band H £2,871.65