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Make the most of your rent free weeks

Get your rent account up to date by making the most of your non-payment weeks, and you could win a valuable prize and receive other great rewards!

Kirklees Neigbourhood Housing

Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing

That’s the message Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing (KNH) is giving its tenants.

The week beginning March 31 is a non-payment week for KNH customers – but only for those with clear rent accounts.

If you owe rent, using these weeks to pay as normal will cut your arrears straight away.

Principal Housing Manager, Dave Bennett said: “Every pound we collect during this week immediately reduces outstanding arrears.

“We are urging all tenants who owe rent to continue to pay as normal to help cut their debt.

“As an incentive to encourage tenants to clear their arrears, all accounts that are up to date by 3rd April 2009 will be entered into a special prize draw for a cash prize of £150.

“We want to reward those tenants who pay their rent on time, and we hope this incentive will also encourage anyone who owes us money to pay a little extra each week to catch up.”

“We are working with a number of organizations including the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Castle & Minster Credit Union, to try and ensure that our customers are able to get the right advice to help ease the worry of debt problems.

“There is no question that the credit crunch is hitting hard. But we have a free, confidential and very effective money advice service that can help our customers with their financial difficulties. Please contact us today on 01484 223262 – we want to help you and it costs you nothing.”

Tenants have four rent - free weeks a year. These are at August Bank Holiday, Christmas, New Year and the last week of the financial year in March.

Having a clear account means that tenants are eligible for other prizes through our reward and recognition scheme, KNH Excel – including the KNH discount card. Other incentives will be offered throughout the year but only for those with clear accounts.

The total amount of money owed KNH by current tenants is just over £2 million. This affects everyone, because rent is used to fund repairs, improvements and other key services.

Because of this, KNH takes a firm line with tenants who refuse to pay their rent, up to and including eviction. Tenants who have been evicted for rent arrears will not normally be re-housed until the arrears have been paid in full.

All tenants in arrears will receive letters advising them how much they owe. If you need any advice on paying your rent or dealing with debt, please contact your housing team.