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School closures

Get involved

Check on your neighbours

  • Check on the elderly or unwell to see if they need anything.
  • Offer to clear their paths, pick up shopping or prescriptions.

Concerned about a vulnerable neighbour

  • Tel: 01484 414888
  • Gateway to care, health colleagues and volunteers will then check on them and support anyone who is identified as at risk.

Concerned about a Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing (KNH) tenant

  • Tel: 01484 414886
  • They will arrange for someone to check in on them.

Help your local school

  • Contact your local school: Schools in Kirklees
  • Schools appreciate any offers of help to clear paths and make the school grounds and entrances as safe as possible. Contact your local school.

Join a local self-help group

  • Contact your councilor about volunteering: Search for councillors
  • We provide grit and guidance for groups.
  • Help clear snow close to the homes of vulnerable people.
  • Help to clear pavements outside community centres.


Weather forecast
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Information, advice and payments

Get ready for winter (external site)
Things you can do to prepare for a wide range of winter weather.

Winter Fuel Payment (external site)
An allowance to help older people with their heating bills - claim form, how much you get, eligibility.

Warm Home Discount scheme (external site)
Claim £130 off your winter electricity bill - eligibility, how to claim your discount and deadline to apply.

Cold Weather Payment (external site)
If you're getting certain benefits, you may be able to get a Cold Weather Payment - what you'll get, eligibility and how to find out if your area has received a payment.

Heating and housing benefits (external site)
If you need help to pay for heating or to improve insulation in your home, you may be able to get money from a government grant scheme, depending on where you live.

NHS staywell
Look after your health this winter.

Keep Warm Keep Well (external site)
Information for, over 60s, Low-income families, People living with a disability.

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