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Recruitment Advertising - 20 Apr 2015

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Jobs with Kirklees is changing

You can access the new website at: http://jobs.kirklees.gov.uk

We are launching a new jobs website on 7 April 2015 and this site will not be available after 31 March 2015. All new opportunities including teaching vacancies will be available on the new jobs website.

If you are registered on this site your details will not be transferred. From 7 April 2015 you will need to register as a new user to apply online.

If you are a current substantive council employee, an employee with at least 12 months continuous service or an apprentice, you will need to register and log in to continue to view all internal and external council jobs.

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Welcome to jobs with Kirklees

We want the best possible candidates to apply for jobs with Kirklees Council. To do this we widely advertise our vacancies and offer a modern, fair recruitment procedure.

We strongly believe that Kirklees Council is a good employer, providing excellent terms and conditions to our employees. All we ask in return is that you give us your best in helping us provide high quality services to people who live or work in the area, or who come to visit the district.

There are currently no jobs available with Kirklees Council.

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